• Hydrate Baby!

    It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take a sip of water. That may not be how Nelly’s popular song goes, but either way, you should be drinking water. Your body is made of water. Your organs, skin, brain, and muscles all need water to help them function properly. Water also helps you regulate your bod... View Post
  • Travel Hacks that'll change your life

    Travelling can be a wee-bit overwhelming right? All those rules, and details to remember on top of making it to your actual end destination is stressful! So - as a favour to our loyal customers we scoured the internet and questioned our international travelling relatives on the best ways to tr... View Post
  • Travel Essentials

    When we say travel essentials, we mean anything and everything necessary for a long flight. Although traveling is one of the BEST THINGS EVER, the flights are not always the most enjoyable. With a crowded flight, crying babies, recycled air, most people can’t detect, the actual journey doesn’t ... View Post

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