Hydrate Baby!

It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take a sip of water. That may not be how Nelly’s popular song goes, but either way, you should be drinking water.

Your body is made of water. Your organs, skin, brain, and muscles all need water to help them function properly. Water also helps you regulate your body temperature, ward off the cold or flu, and aid digestion! Drinking water can also help you know for certain if you’re hungry. Sometimes when you’re hungry, you’re body just needs a drink. That way you aren’t overeating.

So drink up! Need help getting more H2O? Start doing a few of these tips and you’ll be drinking more water in no time.

  1. Stash bottles everywhere. Keep one at home, one at work, one in your gym bag, and a small one in your purse. If you have a bottle of water in front of you, chances are, you’ll drink it.
  1. Make it fun. Buy a bottle with fun colors or a great quote, and you’ll be happy to reach for it every time. Check out our definition bottles and be instantly inspired 
  1. Set an alarm. If you really need some help, grab your phone. Set a timer, and when it rings, take a sip. Or download the sweet app My Water Balance. It will remind you when you need to sip and keep track of your water intake. 
  1. Make a switch. If you normally reach for a soda, it’s time to make water your new go-to drink. 
  1. Grab a buddy. Friends make everything better. Get your bestie to help remind you to fill up your water bottle and start sippin’.

Happy drinking!