The color Pink

Hot pink is showing up everywhere these days, it is bright, fun, happy. Just what we need right now.

It is written about in magazines as the “color trend”, It was worn by the stars at the award shows like the Grammys.

Who knew we were on trend before this was a trend? This color, more specifically Pantone 806C, has been the heart of the MYTAGALONGS world since its conception. When I say heart of our life, I mean it is everywhere. It started on our packaging, then our products, it then moved to our walls and doors and even the shoes we wear to trade shows. (Thanks @nike!)

Pink Nike running shoesPink Kitchen walls

Pink office door

We love it because it does make us happy but at the same time we struggle with it because it is a very hard color to get right! It does not print the same on different fabrics and materials, it requires a special ink and the printing press needs to be cleaned after this ink is used. Which also means additional costs.

Who knew a color could have such effects and consequences! If I had known the pains it would I still have chosen it at the beginning? Absolutely! You have to see my business cards!!!

If you want a bit of this happy color to help keep you organized, check this out

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