Travel Hacks that'll change your life

Travelling can be a wee-bit overwhelming right?

All those rules, and details to remember on top of making it to your actual end destination is stressful! So - as a favour to our loyal customers we scoured the internet and questioned our international travelling relatives on the best ways to travel efficiently. 



- By MYTAGALONGS (Shoutout to google, Uncle X and Auntie M for their wisdom)


1. When booking flights and hotels online enable "private browsing". Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before. We know - mind blowing. 

#2. SO fresh and SO clean! Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to reduce static. We enjoy the Bounce Spring Rain scent if we had to choose..

#3 Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding. And you can do that with our awesome packing pods! Win/Win 

#4 Put underwear and socks in shoes to save space - That's right, the toes of your shoes make for great space savers! Who knew.

#5 Keep all your wires tangle free and organized in one place with our charger cases. You will never travel without one again. That's a promise!

#6 Bring an empty water bottle with you onto your flight and fill it once you've past security. This will ensure you always have water on the go and avoid unnecessary spending on overpriced water while travelling. WATER IS FREE if you plan ahead! Check out our new bottles!

#7 SOS you forgot your wall plug for your phone and only have the USB wire!! NO WORRIES! You can use the USB jack behind any TV for charging. We know - what a GAME CHANGER.

#8 Listen we know they don't look the coolest , but selfie sticks come in huge handy when travelling. Unless of course you want to ask a dozen people a day to snap a pic of you? We didn't think so. Get one on Amazon for cheap!

We hope you put these hacks to good use, we know we will!

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