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"Drop the curtain" on blisters, loose buttons, snagged nails, and more with our Personal Emergency Tin. 
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MYTAGALONGS: Handy Kits for Life’s Little Emergencies

You know how there are those familiar little emergencies that just happen to happen to everyone at least once? Well, we’re doing a situation check otherwise known as Remember When. Have any of these ever happened to you?

Despite your best efforts at perfection, you…

  1. Lost a button – right at the bust line of your oh-so-professional white blouse – while out for dinner with important clients
  2. Realized when you’re halfway to the party that your sexy LBD is a little over-eager in the side boob department
  3. Pulled out your vitamin sorter and realized it’s butt ugly and probably twice the size of your Grandma’s pill case
  4. Kept your phone in your bra during your run and ended up with sweat induced water damage

We’ve got the antidote for each of these emergencies and it’s called MYTAGALONGS. No matter where you go, you’ll want to keep one of them handy. Basically, MYTAGALONGS exist for the things that happen to you. Designed by the folks who gave us disposable underwear, they aim to solve the little everyday problems that plague us. The products are separated into categories like Emergency, Organizing, Fitness, and Travel. These travel-friendly items, kits, and mini-kits will quickly become your full-0n BFFs. Just right for the busy woman in all of us, they are like little convenience packs that flat-out make life easier, created to tackle annoying situations from a crushed tampon to an unravelled hem or even an unwieldy fascination for supplements. Nice to know someone’s got your back, huh? 

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3 weeks ago, as I was packing the last few things in my suitcase for BlogHer14 and waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport, my doorbell rang. I ran down to answer the doorbell and found a package from a company called MyTagalongs. I *briefly* considered throwing it in my office and opening it when I got back (since I was tight on time) but I’ve never been one who is good at keeping secrets from myself so I decided to rip it open. 

I’m so glad I did. These beauties were what was waiting for me. 

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Never be unprepared again

MYTAGALONGS is a unique, Canada based company that specializes in fun, practical lifestyle accessories to help you save time and make things a little easier in your life. Its compact products take up no room in your makeup case, purse or office drawer, so it’s always with you in your worst-case scenarios. Whether your emergency be a fashion malfunction, a crushed tampon or a simple stitch that needs to be hemmed, MYTAGALONGS has you covered. Anything from double-sided tape to stackable jars, to tool cards and a needle and thread, these stylish organizers are right by your side acting as your best friend. No more zip lock bags to organize your daily essentials, MYTAGALONGS are a fun, fashionable and an affordable solution. Be prepared for anything life might throw at you with these individual items, mini-kits and kits that are always ready when you need them.

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Cotton essentials from Neutrogena, Avon, Mytagalongs, Sephora and Burt's Bee

MYTAGALONGS Personal 911 Kit - $8 - this mini lifesaver has got you covered for all those ‘I wish I had that’ moments. An adorable tin packed with a hair elastic, dental floss, sewing kit, 6 double sided apparel tape and 2 bandages, this kit is small enough to fit in your purse and perfect for travel or everyday outings.

There are other kits available for hair, fashion and nail emergenicies too!

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