Q. How long has MYTAGALONGS been in business?

A. MYTAGALONGS has been in business since 2006. It started with the successful launch of an entirely new product idea – Ready-to-wear Disposable Panties for women. The idea was to provide women with an on-the-go underwear for those little surprise emergencies. MYTAGALONGS panties are disposable, lipstick size, sterilized, super comfortable, super stylish and very affordable. This concept was so successful that we decided to expand the idea to a whole range of new products – merchandised together for greater convenience. So we started by interviewing over 200 women from all walks of life and looking into their handbags to determine what they need. This led to the development of what you see today.

Q. Where does the name come from?

A. Well, basically, it comes from the fact that there are certain items that you just shouldn't leave home without…that should follow you everywhere. And if you don't – lo and behold, that's when you'll need it. For example, how often have you needed a nail file and not found one in your purse? Or, how often has your period shown up unexpectedly, yet the one tampon you have is crushed at the bottom of your handbag? MYTAGALONGS is all about providing you with organizational solutions while on the go and helping you get through life's little (less pleasant) surprises. 

Q. Where can I buy MYTAGALONGS accessories?

A. You can find MYTAGALONGS products in Canada at Simons,, Jysk, IStore, Shoppers Drug Mart, CAA, Bed Bath and Beyond among others. You can also buy MYTAGALONGS accessories  at Nordstrom, Von Maur, Bed Bath and Beyond, Micheal's, Barnes and Noble in the USA.  AS well as in specialty boutiques across both countries. 

Q. Who is MYTAGALONGS for?

A. MYTAGALONGS is for all  women  who are active and generally very busy. They are designed to help life flow more smoothly no matter how frantic it gets. All MYTAGALONGS accessories are smart, compact and fashionable so you can store them in your purse, car or in the office.

Q. Does MYTAGALONGS make travel accessories?

A. Yes, MYTAGALONGS is really an excellent choice for business travel and vacation travel. MYTAGALONGS travel accessories guarantee a quick, hassle-free getaway no matter what the destination and ensures that you are always ready to go. MYTAGALONGS travel bottles are a huge hit as they are all carry-on friendly and lovely to look at! 

Q. Help! I would like to apply a MYTAGALONGS promocode to my purchase.
How can I do so?

A. To apply a discount using an issued promocode first select the items that you would like to purchase. Once proceeding to checkout, enter your billing information. Next, under the promocode section, type the promocode and click submit. The discount will appear and you can then complete your order. 

Q. Are MYTAGALONGS products available for wholesale?

A. Yes! We are always welcoming new retailers and actively work with both Canadian and US accounts. Please send an email to if you would like to discuss these opportunities.